Case Study

Improving Patient Outcomes in MCOs

How to Leverage Data to Streamline Nursing Facility Processes

Effective Quality Program Leverages Advanced Analytics and Successful Collaboration, Communication and Transparency

Relevant and actionable analytics are the key to improving patient care and driving better patient outcomes. However, knowing what to track, how to track it, and what to do with that data is another story.

For nursing facilities and managed care organizations (MCOs), the task gets taller when you want a solution that easily integrates, doesn't interrupt existing processes, and avoids additional burden on your staff. While the task seems tall, a solution does exist.

In our most recent case study, we look at how the New Mexico Nursing Facility Value Based Payment (NF VBP) Workgroup partnered with an innovative data solution company to solve these issues. The results? Higher quality metrics, better transparency, and satisfied customers.

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New Mexico Nursing Facility VBP Workgroup Partners with PointRight to Improve Patient Care and Outcomes